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MAXINE TISSENBAUM is a Toronto based interior designer, specializing in high-end residential projects.  Owner and founder of MT Home, Maxine has been working with upscale clients and creating bespoke design for over 30 years.  Her work takes her all over the globe; creating design for clients in Italy, London, Florida, Israel, the Bahamas, and Montreal.  Maxine’s flare for design and realizing the client’s vision helps her deliver original designs whatever the scope of the project.

JUSTINE GOLDEN has been a member of the team since 2010.  With a background also in fashion, she brings with her an expertise in textiles and design.  Justine's strengths lie in her ability to truly understand the client's needs and bring them to fruition.  Her love of design keeps her on top of all the latest trends and she infuses them in her client's designs in a seamless manner.

DANI KATZ is a valuable member of MT Home.  Dani's energy, style and project management skills make her an indispensable asset.  She brings her own unique touch to each design project while ensuring a smooth process every time.  Dani's smile brings a warmth to the office which transitions over to her wonderful relationships with our clients.

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